This is the first heading on my page and is size h3

This is the beginning of my body text and also my first paragraph

This is my second heading and is size h4 which is a bit smaller than h3

This is my second paragraph
This is a new line in my second paragraph

This is my third heading and is size h2 which is bigger than h3 and h4

This is my third paragraph and it will include a link to one of the other webpages that I have created.
This is a new line in my third paragraph and here is a link to my Index Page
This is a new line and here I will include an external link to another website where I can learn everything I need to know about html

This is my fourth paragraph and just after this section I will include an image from a file i have saved in my html1 folder.
This is a new line, and the image below is linked using a relative reference.
This is a new line in my fourth paragraph and in this file (Page 8) we will change the width and height of the image below to half of what is was on the previous file.

This image is embedded in this website

This is paragraph five and just after this section I will include an image from the web i.e. it is an absolute reference we are using e.g. http://www.

This image is linked from another website on the internet

This is my fourth heading and is size h3 which is bigger than h4

This is paragraph six and here I will insert a Table with header and then an ordered list i.e. the list will be numbered.
This is a new line, the list below will outline each of the pages or tasks we have just completed.

Header 1 Header 2 Header 3
row 1, cell 1 row 1, cell 2 row 1, cell 3
row 2, cell 1 row 2, cell 2 row 2, cell 3

  1. index1.html began by outlining a basic HTML page using opening and closing Tags, this included a page title and some body text.
  2. Page2.html this second page introduced the paragraph opening and closing Tags.
  3. Page3.html this third page introduced headings of various sizes 1-6 including their Tags.
  4. Page4.html this page showed how to start a new line of text using an empty element (no seperate closing Tag) but is still closed using the forward slash after the Tag letters e.g. br /.
  5. Page5.html this page showed more headings, paragraphs, new lines and how to create a hyperlink to another file (page) from your website.
  6. Page6.html this page showed more headings, paragraphs, new lines and how to create a hyperlink to an external website.
  7. Page7.html this page included an image which was linked to using a relative reference i.e. the image was located within the folder containing the website files.
  8. Page8.html this page included the same image as Page7 but the size of the image was reduced by resetting the width and height.
  9. Page9.html this page includes the same image as seen on Page7 and 8 however this time it is linked to using an absolute reference as the image file is not contained in our website folder but is on another website somewhere else on the internet.
  10. Page10.html this page includes a Table with headers and an ordered list (numbered as opposed to just bulleted) outlining the tasks and Tags we have learned how to use today.