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After you have completed your Mind Map and decided what to call your website, how many pages it will contain, what to put into each page and most importantly what information you are trying to get across to your viewers.  You must decide on the layout of your website e.g.

  1. What way will each page be displayed?
  2. Will you link back to your home page for every other page?
  3. Will you only be able to access some pages by following other pages?

This is where a Flowchart can be designed and used in order to answer some of these questions and if you wnat to include it in your site it will help people find their way around.  Notice the way you can only get to the product a, b, c and d pages via the products page, and subsequntly this will be the only way back to the Front or Home page.

Here is an example of a Site Map/Flowchart


















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